Latin American Cultural Criticism - Reinterpreting a Continent

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“This study by Dr. P. D’Allemand is a first-rate analysis of a much neglected area, namely that of Latin American Literary Criticism. As the prologue, by one of the most eminent scholars in the field, Professor William Rowe, of Birkbeck College, University of London, makes clear, Dr. D’Allemand takes us through the work of five of the key practitioners of Latin American Literary Criticism and shows us what can be done with it. She deals with Mariategui, Rama, Losada, Cornejo Polar and Sarlo, achieving a genuinely continental coverage. Dr. D’Allemand’s expertise and her previous publishing experience in this area come together to make this volume an original and important contribution to Latin American critical and cultural studies.” – Professor E. R. P. Vieira, Ministry of Culture Visiting Fellow, Centre for Brazilian Studies, University of Oxford


“This book is the culmination of years of successful research by Dr. D’Allemand, who is the recognized UK specialist in this area. It is an original insight into a relatively unexplored field. . . . I have every confidence that it will achieve considerable impact, not only in the US and UK but also throughout Latin America.” – Professor M. I. Millington

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Prologue; Introduction
1. Jose Carlos Mariátegui: Beyond “El proceso de la literatura”
2. Angel Rama: Literature, Modernization and Resistance; From National Criticism to Continental Criticism; Towards an Autonomous Criticism – Angel Rama’s Nationalist Discourses
3. Alejandro Losada: Towards a Social History of Latin American Literatures; Losada’s Conceptual System – Some Definitives; Social Praxis; Literary System; Losada’s Sujeto Productor; Mode of Literary/Cultural Production; Literary Forms; Horizon of Existence; Aesthetic/Cultural Paradigm; Periodization; Social Space
4. Antonio Cornejo Polar: On Cultural and Literary Heterogeneity in Latin America; For a Historical and Cultural Reading of Latin American Literature; Towards a Redefinition of the Latin American Literary Corpus; The Category of Heterogeneity – An Approach to Cultural Plurality in Latin America; “New Latin American Narrative” in Antonio Cornejo Polar’s Discourse
5. Beatriz Sarlo: Towards a Reading of Plurality
6. Fin de siècle: Assessment and Perspectives
Bibliography; Index

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