L'antigone De Jean Cocteau

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This study consists of a literary critical investigation into Jean Cocteau’s Antigone, which combines traditional and contemporary computer-assisted approaches to the text. The first half of the book considers the place of the Antigone story, as well as myth in general, in French, while also offering a description of the evolution of the tragedy from Sophocles to the present. After this, the second half of the book is devoted to an in-depth study of Cocteau’s Antigone itself, from written drafts to its stage production. This multi-disciplinary study offers an original and timely contribution to the literature on the subject.


“The computer-based analysis, the most original part of this study, is perhaps most significant because it brings about a shift in perception, allowing us to see more clearly the dramatic structure of Cocteau’s text . . . and to find new interpretations in its patterns. In the two distinct parts – the quantitative analysis and the qualitative – Le Ber proposes numerous intriguing hypotheses, and convinces us of the relevance of computerized tools for the study of literary texts. Moreover, by adding her own raw data to the study, she invites other scholars to pursue the analysis and to discover, through the new lens of the computer, other effects of Cocteau’s poésie de théâtre, as he liked to call it.” – Dr. Johanne Bénard, Associate Professor, Queen’s University

Table of Contents

Préface by Johanne Bénard
1 Le Mythe
2 La Tragédie
3 Antigone
4 L’Antigone de Jean Cocteau
5 L’analyse informatique
Appendice A
Appendice B

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