La Satira, La Ironia, Y El Carnaval Literario En Leprosorio (trilogia Poetica) De Reinaldo Arenas

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This work studies Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas’ poetry in Leprosorio. It examines the problems of culture in conflict; the perspective of both exiled people who have left Cuba and the marginalized population left on the island, the use of slangs and idioms created by people in the 1960s and 70s, and the impact produced by political terror. This study is in Spanish.


“By underscoring and examining the satire in the poetry of Reinaldo Arenas (Leprosorio), Rafael Bordao shows us an aspect of the man that those of us who knew him readily recognize. . . To undertake and then elaborate upon his theme, Bordao builds a general base that is of great interest: a historical study of this very old literary mechanism made of laughter and tears. With discipline and scholarship, he draws upon sources and works in several languages, from various cultures, to show us nuances and models. . . . The result is clearly greater interest for potential readers and for contemporary education, which has not yet given a rightful place to the work of Arenas as classroom text material. Yet Bordao is not only informative; his discussions are amiable and reasoned. Clearly, Rafael Bordao undertakes this task with personal passion and a relevant political background.” – Mordecai Rubin

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