La Expresividad En La CuentÍstica De Juan Bosch / Expressiveness in Juan Bosch’s Short Stories: A Stylistic Analysis

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The purpose of this work has been to study the narrative of Juan Bosch from the point of view of stylistic analysis. Such an analysis allows for an in depth examination of the sensorial dynamics as the means of expression of the author. By taking a stylistic approach to Juan Bosch’s short stories, I have drawn conclusions on the relationship between the expressive means selected by Bosch and his intent when making such selections.

In Part I, I have studied the expression in terms of sensorial experience. I hope to have established the degree of effectiveness with which the author is able to transmit his sensations (and those of his characters as he wishes the reader to perceive them) by means of the images produced through the word.

In Part II, I have studied the expression in terms of the intentional intensification of the word or phrase. I hope to have demonstrated the fidelity and originality with which Bosch interprets the existential reality of his characters and the natural or social milieu in which it takes place. This work will be of interest to scholars of the literatures of the Dominican Republic, the Spanish Caribbean, and Latin American in general.


“Ossers’ volume is a valuable stylistic analysis of expressiveness for audiences that vary from advanced students of literature to specialists, critics and theorists.”
-Prof. Delia V. Galvan
Cleveland State University

From the Preface:
“[this book] is meticulous . . .Analytical rigor is applied to the study of every passage under scrutiny, each is explored in all of their expressive aspects.”
­-Prof. Alicia de Gregorio
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

From the Foreword:
"What sets Ossers apart from other literary critics is his ability to weave the sensory system with the figures of speech, and then he uses the weaving to reveal the inner world of a thinker who always finds himself in sociopolitical actions, and a stylist who is always conscious of the core content"
-Prof. Mimi Yang
Carthage College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mimi Yang, Ph.D.
Preface by Alicia de Gregorio, Ph.D.
General Introduction

Introduction: Expression as an Act of Sensorial Experience
Chapter I: Synaesthesias / Sensations
Chapter II: Cenesthesia / Onomatopoeia Personification / Animism
Chapter III: Onomatopoeia
Chapter IV: Impressionism / Expressionism
Chapter V: Symbolism / Signification

Introduction: Expression as Intentional Intensification
Chapter I: Synonymy, Repetition, Play on Words, Hyperbole
Chapter II: Antithesis, Paradox / Oxymoron
Chapter III: Allusion, Elision, Euphemism / Disphemism
Chapter IV: Simile and Metaphor
Chapter V: Ellipsis, Suggestion, Reticence, Suspension
Summary Conclusion
Appendix: Personal Interview with Juan Bosch

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