La Convergence Des Styles En Art Et Litterature Dans La Legende D’ulenspiegel : Pieter Bruegel Et Charles De Coster

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This study analyzes certain paintings by Bruegel and texts from the Légende d’Ulenspiegel to establish the thematic convergence of the two artists’ works in their perception of sixteenth-century Flanders. De Coster and Bruegel equally celebrate the wonder of nature depicting Flemish scenes of customs and habits. In addition, the two artists illustrate and denounce the cruelty of the seven capital sins and counterbalance them with a series of virtues. This book contains twelve color photographs and twenty-eight black and white photographs.


“The bringing together of de Coster and Bruegel and their diverse artistic forms has produced a fascinating and well-written volume which offers a unique look into the past.” – Prof. Frans Amelinckx, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

“. . . brings two disciplines into sharper focus and sheds light on the theories of intertextuality popularized by such critics as Gerard Genette, Julia Kristeva, Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida.” – Prof. Arcides Gonzalez, California University

“Connections between the nineteenth-century writer and the sixteenth-century artist have hitherto attracted only cursory mention, but here the elaboration of numerous specific parallels reveals in the Légende a surprisingly rich iconographic dimension. As Adams deftly uncovers and places into comparative historical and sociopolitical context Flemish landscapes, depictions of the seasons, scenes from daily village life, and key allegorical themes, it becomes apparent that the inventory of De Coster’ s references to paintings by the Flemish master constitutes more than scattered allusions, and must be understood within a much larger framework.” – Prof. Chris Michaelides, University of Louisiana at Monroe

Table of Contents

Avant-propos — Le docteur Frans Amelinckx
1. Introduction à Charles De Coster et Pierre Bruegel l’Ancien, deux artistes rapprochés
2. Pieter Bruegel l’Ancien, sa vie et son oeuvre
3. La vie et le legs de Charles De Coster
4. La representation linguistique dans la Légende
5. La Légende d’Ulenspiegel dans son contexte social et politique du dix-neuvième siècle
6. Convergence de l’écriture de De Coster et du visuel de Bruegel
7. Conclusion — De Coster et Bruegel, interprètes de la Flandre du seizième siècle

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