Koranic Principle of Complementarities Applied to Social and Scientific Themes

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The magnum opus will prove to be an indispensable companion of serious researchers and scholars in the area of original thinking on the epistemology of science and God.


“All the great faiths seek surrender to God - and that is the literal meaning of ‘Islam’. If people of other faiths and humanist traditions could graciously concede that the use of the word ‘Islam’ is a moral response to that surrender which is available to all persons of free will, then the way will be opened for a serious examination of the model that some Muslim scholars are seeking to apply to contemporary complexities in the social and economic order. The key to that model lies in understanding the nature of surrender ... Leading the cause with a remarkable range of extensive and profound books is Dr. Masudul Alam Choudhury. Dr. Choudhury’s starting point is the Islamic concept of Tawhid - the Law of Divine Unity - and its implications which uphold the unity of knowledge in the analytical and observed world-system. Tawhid goes wider than knowledge, however, to embrace all aspects of life - social and economic systems, morality, finance, environment, etc. - so that, there is an overall sense of relatedness and comprehensiveness ... These, then, are the underlying aims of the great and ongoing work of Dr. Choudhury. We shall diminish ourselves if we fail to follow his lead.” – Reverend Canon Peter Challen, Global Justice Movement of Global Talk, London, England

“ ... This book is a thorough epistemological inquiry of socio-scientific phenomenology premised solely on the Oneness of God. It shows how the Qur’an associates this cardinal principle of divine oneness with the episteme of unity of knowledge, and form that the work describes pervasively learning world-systems that are unified in all details ... This is a rendering to all people and scholarships. It presents unique truth in the framework of unity of divine knowledge, and that too in the most rigorous of scientific analysis with a vastly comparative study. This work will be of interest to all serious researchers and scholars in every shade of intellectual persuasion globally speaking and for a long time.” – Professor Uner Turgay, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Table of Contents

Foreword by Peter Challen
List of Figures
1. The Principle of Complementarities in the Shuratic Process and Its Implications for the Socio-Scientific Order
2. Belief and Knowledge Formation in the Tawhidi Super-Space
3. The Tawhidi Worldview of Socio-Political Action
4. The Creation of the Universe for Just Ends
5. The Precept of the Common Good in the Principle of Just Ends
6. Tawhidi Truth and Certainty in the Universe
7. Generalized Ideas about Resources, Spending and Felicity in the Tawhidi Order
8. The Epistemological Roots of the Madinah Charter
9. The Madinah Charter, Sidrathulmuntaha and the Precept of the ‘Seven Heavens’
Notes and References

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