Justice, Patriotism, and Religion in Persian Literary Works

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"[This book] conveys how quest for justice daad is intertwined with patriotism (mihan doosti or parasti [love for the homeland]) and religions. I further show how this is depicted by Abulqasem Ferdowsi in stories since the establishment of the earliest mythological and historical dynasties in Iranshahr. Ferdowsi (tenth-eleventh century CE), the great Iranian poet, depicts many colorful stories of this nature in his everlasting epic the Shahnameh (The King's Letter). These stories have become a generative force for Persian literature." -From the author's introduction

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Patriotism, Justice, Gods, Kings, Religions: The Savior and the Saved in the Shahnameh
Chapter 2: Justice, Gods, Kings, and Religions in Pre-Islamic Iran
Chapter 3: Justice and Patriotism Under Two Centuries of Occupation
Chapter 4: Aspiration for Justice and Freedom in the Persian Literature: 1220-1926
Chapter 5: Movement and Revolution for Political Reforms and House of Justice
Chapter 6: From Dictatorship to Revival of Freedom, 1926-1951
Chapter 7: Nationalization of the Oil Industry and the Fall of Democracy
Chapter 8: Dictatorship, Revolution and Theocracy: National Identity or Islamic Identity
Chapter 9: Concluding Notes

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