John's Gospel and the History of Biblical Interpretation Volume Two

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Like the author's previous studies on Mark's Gospel (1982) and The History of Biblical Interpretation, this study of John's Gospel is much more than a mere list of annotated entries. The aim of these lively entries is to situate Johannean scholarship within the main trends of biblical scholarship from the first century up to the present while reaching out to the main corners of the Christian traditions. It avoids duplicating many items which are normally discussed in standard works. It is based on the firm belief that a solid knowledge of the whole Johannean tradition and its afterlife is vital for the adequate grasp of this key text. A valuable index of names is included.


“I have admired and used Seán Kealy’s work on the history of the interpretation of the Gospels of Mark and Matthew. . . . He divides the history of biblical interpretation into periods that can be determined both by the passing centuries and the development of interpretative methods. Within those periods he evaluates the contributions of hundreds of teachers, preachers and scholars. His study takes a reader from the first tentative attempts to rescue the Gospel of John from Gnostic use to the most recent literary and postmodern readings of this elusive text. . . . These volumes are a gold-mine of information that inform the readers that where they stand is best understood in the light of where they come from, and challenges them to produce a rich future for the interpretation of the Gospel of John within the Christian Church.” – Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B.

"Massively detailed and valuable reference work." -- Prof. Martin C. Albl, Presentation College

Table of Contents



The Second Century
The Third Century
The Fourth Century
The Sixth Century
The Seventh Century
The Eighth - Eleventh Centuries
The Ninth Century
The Tenth and Eleventh Centuries
The Twelfth to the Fourteenth Centuries
The Twelfth Century
The Fifteenth Century
The Sixteenth Century
The Seventeenth Century
the Eighteenth Century
The Nineteenth Century
The Twentieth Century
Form Criticism
Jonn after 1945: A New Look!
Groping Towards a New Paradigm - New Approaches
Remarks on John's Gospel and the History of Biblical Interpretation

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