John Ashton’s Case for James II as Rightful King of England Rebellion or Revolution

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This study presents a clarification and discussion of problematic concepts and arguments related to a pamphlet by John Ashton, who was executed for treason in 1690. The study aims at philosophical clarification of arguments about important political issues and historical events.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Acknowledgments; Introduction
The Works in the Pearse Street, Dublin Library (Gilbert Collection Section) Edition
1. Description of Ashton’s Pamphlet and his Arguments
2. Description of Ashton’s Opponents’ Pamphlets
3. James II’s Status, Reign, and Character: Some Principal Facts
4. Is James II the ‘Rightful, Lawful’ King of England?
5. Ashton’s Leading Arguments
6. Main Arguments of Dr. Fowler
7. Arguments of The Apology for Mr. R. Stafford
8. Christian Ideas on Government
9. Logical Development of Basic Christian Ideas on Government
10. Application to the Case of James II in 1690
Appendix: Was James II a despot? Was he a tyrant?
An Answer to the Paper Delivered by Mr. Ashton at his Execution
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