Johann Sebastian Bach’s Die Kunst Der Fuge, BWV 1080 for Organ or Keyboard with Commentary

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The Art of Fugue (Bach’s last work) presents many problems for scholars and performers, chiefly in its instrumentation. This edition includes commentaries on all movements (14 fugues and 4 canons), as well as suggested cadenzas for the Canone alla decima, a comparative study of nine available keyboard completions of the final fugue, and a discussion of the B-A-C-H motive as found in the Art of Fugue. The book is also a keyboard edition with a new approach to suggested pedal parts, which can be used by pianists and harpsichordists as well as organists.


"Professor Overduin’s extensive notes offer valuable information and creative insights into all aspects of the work, and reflect his extensive knowledge of the musical score, of the problems associated with its performance, and the vast scholarly literature that has grown up around it. . . . In a fresh, new approach, Overduin’s edition presents the fugues on two staves, in a clean, uncluttered ‘manualiter’ style, and uses the pedal in baroque fashion to bring out inner lines, or in the case of the mirror fugues to allow performance by one player. . . . A welcome addition to Overduin’s edition is the inclusion of Donald Francis Tovey’s thoughtful and well-crafted 78-bar completion of the unfinished Fuga a tre soggeto – published here for the first time in two-stave keyboard notation. A complete discussion on the merits of all the published keyboard completions is included. Over the years, Professor Overduin has presented his insights on the organ music of Bach in numerous lectures and articles. These years of experience are brought together here in an idiomatic ‘practical’ organ edition that clearly demonstrates his gifts as a teacher and performer, and reflects his deep desire to make Die Kunst der Fuge more attractive and accessible to organists and organ lovers everywhere." Dr. Peter Letkemann

PRAISE FOR JAN OVERDUIN: "A very great artist in every way" Jean Langlais "Overduin’s impeccable technique and imaginative improvisation provided a scintillating afternoon of music." Dürichen, K-W Record "Playing of the highest standard" Siskind, The Citizen (Ottawa) "Brilliantly virtuosic. . . This recital (London, Festival Hall) was one of the highlights of the season" - Musical Opinion

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