Jews in Leipzig, Germany Under Nazism, Communism, and Democracy

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A thorough examination of the enormous differences between the attitudes toward Jews of the First Republic, the Third Reich and the German Democratic Republic, or East Germany, the last regime of which has not been studied with the depth, due not least to the relatively recent opening of sources.


"...well researched monograph that performs a valuable service by analyzing the experiences of the Jewish community in Leipzig under four German regimes, the Weimar Republic, Third Reich, the German Democratic Republic, and the reunified Federal Republic." -Professor William L. Patch, Washington and Lee University

Table of Contents

Foreword, by David F. Crow
A “special path” for Germany?
The significance of Leipzig
Themes in German and Jewish history
The German Democratic Republic
The German state and German Jews
Chapter One: “no uniform community”
Chapter 2: “What would the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, say?” Jewish life in Leipzig under the National Socialists, 1933-38
Chapter 3: “Regarded by the German Government as Undesirable”: Exclusion, deportation and murder, 1938-1945
Chapter 4: A Phoenix in Saxony: the Revival of Jewish life in Leipzig after the Second World War
Chapter 5: The New Terror—the purge of 1952-53
Chapter 6: After the Purge: life in Leipzig from 1953 to the Wende
Conclusion: After the Fall
Selected Bibliography

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