Jerusalem in Medieval Thought, 400-1300

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Text draws together ancient and medieval history, scripture, theology, monastic studies, and the history of ideas. It traces the concept of Jerusalem from the early church almost through the Middle Ages, in the monastic thought of Christian Latin writings from the time of Constantine through and beyond the 12th century. Recognizes that certain concerns within the church (such as anti-Jewish polemic) led the early fathers to devalue the physical Jerusalem and stress the role of Jerusalem as a symbol of heavenly bliss.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Foreword
Introduction: The Monastic Idea of Jerusalem
1. Patristic Jerusalem and Monks
2. Zion and Augustine’s Early Jerusalem
3. The Legacy of Augustine, 430-750
4. Charlemagne and the City of God
5. The City of Refuge, 850-1100
6. Monastic Jerusalem in the Twelfth Century
7. Mystical City
Conclusion; Primary Sources; Secondary Sources, Index

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