Jean-Paul Sartre. The Evolution of his Thought and Art

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This study maintains that Sartre's work and, to some extent, his life, was dominated by the dichotomy of necessity and either freedom or contingency. His changing responses to religion, art, human relationships, and politics are explored.


"This extensive book offers a lengthy and comprehensive account of Sartre's ambitions as philosopher, novelist, dramatist and biographer. . . . Wardman succeeds in synthesizing and clarifying certain of the more complex aspects of Sartre's writings in those chapters devoted to L'Etre et le néant and Critique de la raison dialectique, as well as providing engaging and thought-provoking assessments of key Sartrean literary texts and of significant moments in Sartre's intellectual itinerary. . . . written in a readable, lucid, and frequently wittily understated style." - Journal of European Studies

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