Jazz Guitar Improvisation by Symmetrical Utilization

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"Improvisational music offers a great opportunity for musicians to truly express themselves in the moment. That aspect of "In the Moment" is the crucial component. ...This method describes a way to consolidate information to allow the improviser to feel free and confident." -Anthony Crescente

Table of Contents

Symmetrical Diminished to Dominant Transition
Aligning Minor with Dominant and Playing Over a Dominant Chord
Applying Chord Family Substitutions to ii-V-I Progressions
Half Diminished Chords (Minor 7b5)-Conversion to Dominant
Minor ii-V-I
Lydian Chords - Conversion to Dominant
Extended Example A
Extended Example A Breakdown
Extended Example B
Extended Example B Breakdown
Extended Example C: 12 Bar Blues
Extended Example C: 12 Bar Blues Breakdown

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