Japan's Imperial Conspiracy Vol. 1-4

Now, for the first time, David Bergamini tells how Hirohito and the imperial family plotted the war against the West and how the Emperor himself led his nation through it. Mr. Bergamini, a Rhodes Scholar, who was raised in the Orient and who speaks and reads Japanese, spent six years in research for this book. He conducted hundreds of hours of interviews, read hundreds of thousands of pages in both Japanese and English included the journals and diaries kept by the Emperor’s closest advisors, among them his wartime chief of staff and his chief civilian advisor. Most of the information in this book has never been released in English. The result is an engrossing tale of intrigue conducted at the highest levels of Japanese government.


“This book is a tremendous achievement. This book will cause a major readjustment in Western views of Oriental history.”

-Sir William Flood Webb, Chief Justice of the Allied Trials of Japan’s Major War Criminals

“Never have I read a more complete and believable interpretation of the role of the Japanese Emperor in world affairs than is contained in Japan’s Imperial Conspiracy.”

-Prof. Owen Cunningham,
Defense Counsel, Trial of Prime Minister Tojo

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