James Ricalton's Photographs of China During the Boxer Rebellion

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An invaluable reference for Sinologists, historians of photography, and museum archivists: a rare assortment of prints taken by an eye-witness observer to the Boxer Uprising in the summer of 1900, with accompanying text. In the photographs taken for this 1900 travelogue, Ricalton's photographic style is unmistakable, done with an eye for composition and detail that set his images far above the ordinary. His travelogue and photography are also important for their documentary reportage of a world long since obliterated. The Ricalton travelogue itself - CHINA THROUGH THE STEREOSCOPE - is divided into "A Journey Through the Dragon Empire at the Time of the Boxer Uprising" and "The Boxer Uprising: Journal to the Seat of War." With appendix, notes, and bibliography.

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