J.S. Bach's Musical Offering: An Eighteenth-Century Conundrum

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A radical new level of scrutiny of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Musikalisches Opfer which has been and continues to be the most controversial single composition he ever wrote and perhaps the single most mysterious and frustrating work anyone ever composed.


“We are always in the process of uncovering new elements in work long known, as well as discovering other old music that has been buried and forgotten, and the newly uncovered works can often affect the manner in which we perceive the masterpieces we thought we knew.”
-Dr. Joel Seveloff,
Boston University, Emeritus

Table of Contents

Preface and acknowledgements
Chapter I. Two vivid personalities
Chapter II. The clash of ideologies
Chapter III. Manuscripts & editions
Chapter IV. Seminal musicoloists’ hypotheses
Chapter V. Another secret chromatic art
Chapter VI. A “right royal” sextet
Chapter VII. Canon conundrum and solution
Chapter VIII. Recent scholarly contributions
Chapter IX. Two exceptional fugues
Chapter X. An old-fashioned sonata da chiesa
Chapter XI. Arte canonica resolute
Chapter XII. A canon or a cannon?
Chapter XIII. Bach, Mizler, their legacy and posterity
Chapter XIV. Tempo, phrasing, articulation and dynamics versus listeners’ perceptions
Chapter XV. The palindrome and Quintilian
Chapter XVI. A partial score and some performance suggestions
Chapter XVII. A coda, a reflection and a valediction

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