Italians of Rochester, New York, Post World War II. Immigration, Prosperity, and Change

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A cogent and multi-generational recounting of the lives of major personalities and institutions that shaped the Italian American experience in Rochester, with attention to: World War II, entertainment, sports, music, educational institutions, politics, crime, marriage, and religion. The work focuses on how ethnic groups more or less successfully adapt to changing ecological circumstances.


“Professor Salamone offers a close up, and occasionally personal, look at how the war shaped education, entertainment, politics, crime, dating and marriage, religion, and work…these cultural ecological facts added a new dynamic to the Italian-American social structure and identity in Rochester.”
-Prof. Jerome Krase,
Brooklyn College of CUNY

“This excellent must read book in one sweep encapsulates the travails, evolvement and niche carving of Italians of Rochester as applicable to people of this origin elsewhere in America and worldwide.”
-Dr. Edward Adeyanju,
Dean, The Grace Bible Institute

“This valuable contribution explores not only the patterned dynamics of the community member’s experience, but relative to other ethnic communities within Rochester…a very worthy and nuanced addition to this research topic and canon…illuminates important cultural influences Italian immigrants and subsequent generations made on American practices and traditions, such as sports, entertainment and religion.”
-Prof. Marcus Aldredge,
Iona College

"Salamone's latest work provides a rich and colorful analysis of Italian Immigration to Rochester and, by extension, to America as a whole. The author weaves the narrative through compelling characters, allowing the reader to identify with them and internalize their experience. And with America still absorbing new immigrants, this work helps provide context and understanding of ethnicity and identity in the U.S."
Manuel Quinones,
Political Reported and Immigration Specialist

Table of Contents

Introduction by Stephen D. Glazier
Chapter 1. World War II and Its Aftermath
Chapter 2. Italian Prisoners Chapter of War in Rochester
Chapter 3. Post-War Migration from Italy
Chapter 4. Reasons for Coming to America
Chapter 5. Political Views of Italian Americans
Chapter 6. Stories of Migrants
Chapter 7. Italian American Clubs – Past and Present
Chapter 8. Italian Clubs-Continued
Chapter 9. Italian Clubs-Conclusion
Chapter 10. Little guy Soccer and Big Guy Soccer
Chapter 11. Continuities in Change
Chapter 12. Italian Americans and the Rochester Red Wings – Growing Up With the Wings
Chapter 13. Kids’ Sports: The Playground League, KPAA, PAL and CYO
Chapter 14. Italian Women
Chapter 15. post-WWII and Changes in Religion
Chapter 16. Rochester Tailors
Chapter 17. Conclusions

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