Issues in the History of Education in Manitoba. From the Construction of the Common School to the Politics of Voices

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These essays examine a variety of themes: the public construction of the Common School; the building of pedagogical spaces for the working classes and ethnic minorities such as Mennonites and Ukrainians; the establishment of teacher education and teacher's organizations; and case studies of native education.


"As is clearly shown, the bonds of gender were strong, but age, religion, class, ethnicity, and region fostered the voices of diversity, if not of divisiveness. . . . the main interest of this overall useful collection resides in the discovery and appreciation of these complex and captivating 'politics of voices.'" - History of Education Quarterly

". . . a book that attempts to rectify one of the continuing gaps in the history of education in Canada, that is, the lack of attention to provincial studies. . . . In the final section there is a major effort at reconstructing and mainstreaming gender-relations out of the silence and invisibility of women as historical actors, as Teachers, as Religious, as Image, and as `Lived-experience'. . . . almost all the topics will be breaking new ground. Moreover, there are several chapters in the study which, in fact, look at entirely new areas such as Professor Bruno-Jofre's study of the Oblate Sisters or the life-histories compiled from personal correspondence and diaries of women teachers." - Patricia T. Rooke

"The papers. . . collectively present a challenge to scholars and practitioners both. . . . vivid, firsthand accounts offered from a variety of participant perspectives confront the reader with the realities experienced by teachers, pupils, school trustees and their communities that contrast, often sharply, with the content of official edicts and government directives. A particular strength of the collection arises from the authentic voice it gives to the various ethnic and religious populations who formed the province in its early years. . . .it will be an important resource for scholars, not only in the history and sociology of education, curriculum studies, teacher education and constitutional matters, but also for those interested in the labor movement and its influence on the development of teaching as a profession in Canada." -- Naomi Hersom

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