Irony and the Kingdom in Mark. A Literary & Critical Study

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This treatment of irony and Kingdom theology in the Gospel of Mark contributes to the enrichment of Markan scholarship in four ways. First, the work is a fairly comprehensive treatment of the use of ironic technique in Mark, focusing on the Kingdom. Second, the study shows how Mark constructs his ironies and clues the reader to their presence. Third, the study classifies every irony identified in the text, and finally, the study shows that Mark takes ironical episodes and weaves them together to produce larger themes which are themselves ironical.


"Not only is this book an excellent treatment of a major narrative device in Mark, it is also a good discussion of some of the major issues in contemporary Markan scholarship, issues like the Messianic secret, the question of Mark's purpose in depicting the disciples' blindness, the debate over whether Jesus' controversy with the Pharisees is to be seen as an 'in-house' discussion or not. The book is written clearly and the student will find it a good introduction to Markan scholarship in general. This book, like Matthew's scribe, brings from its treasures that which is both old and new. . . . many new 'tidbits' sprinkled throughout the book . . . will delight the reader and reward the interpreter who uses this insightful and well-argued resource." - John B. Polhill

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Introduction; The Techniques of Markan Irony; Jesus and the Kingdom - the Irony of Presence and Promise; The Disciples and the Kingdom - The Irony of Faithfulness and Failure; The Religious Authorities and the Kingdom - The Irony of Power and Perversity; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index A/Index B

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