Iranian History (1921-2021): A Century of Repression and Resistance

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"The relationship between state and society in Iran has evolved in the last hundred years and the state's grip on power has increased. ...State repression and public resistance have developed hand-in-hand and have formed a major part of Iran's contemporary history. Iran has experienced reform, revolution and military coups in the last century. ...The aim [of this book is] to concentrate on the certain aspects of Iranian history that have contributed to the state's repressive policy and public resistance." -Reza Razavi (Preface)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Iranian society between 16th and 19th centuries
Chapter 2: Comparing Iran to the awakening of Western European countries between the 15th and 20th centuries
Chapter 3: The fall of the last Qajar King and the rise of Reza Shah
Chapter 4: The reign of Mohammad Reza Shah (1941-1979)
Chapter 5: The 1979 Revolution and its aftermath
Chapter 6: Khomeini's Doctrine
Chapter 7: Inside the IR, issues and peculiarities
Chapter 8: Repression and resistance since 1979
Appendix: Problems facing Iran in becoming a democracy?

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