Intuitive Reality : paintings - eclectic objects - sculptures

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Professor Milo Lazarevic composes in this masterful book his paintings, sculptures and eclectic objects (from full color plates), revealing his insightful philosophical and artistic awareness of "intuitive reality." This bilingual English and Serbo-Croatian, 9"x12" full-color multimedia compilation of Dr. Lazarevic's artistic works (350 pages) represents the author's esteemed career as an art educator as well as a highly esteemed, award winning painter and sculptor.


From the Introduction by Laura Barna (pgs. 20-22):

"Lazarevic's art studio emanates the powerful, creative energy of an individual as well as a highly educated intellectual. As a doctor and professor of the history of art and sculpture at Columbia University, Lazarevic is well-positioned to explore all periods in the development of art, from prehistoric times to postmodernism. He therefore employs memorized and recorded signs of civilization's hodograph to authoritatively restore their authentic identity as well as their ability to regenerate and self-regenerate through a process of free transformation. He also affords them the right to freely search for their own entity beyond identity and beyond the so-called social structure. His role as an artist is inevitable as an initiator of the artistic idea of a new renaissance. This, then, could be the circle of the utopian belief in art's humanistic mission that is immune to crises, because it always manages to outwit them with cyclical virtuosities."

Table of Contents

Contents (in English and facing Serbo-Croatian)

Introduction - A Close-Ended Game
Art is Biography, or Biography is Art
Sculptural Spaces - Noli Me Tángere
A Reality Beyond What Is Real
Eclectic Works - An Insight into the Phenomenon
Group and Solo Exhibitions
Eclectic Art
Image Index

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