Introduction to Lonergan's Insight. An Invitation to Philosophize

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This study provides an entry-level introduction to the philosophical thought of Bernard J. F. Lonergan, in particular, to Lonergan's monumental and difficult book, Insight. It also provides a general introduction to philosophy through the medium of Lonergan's thought. Basic philosophical problems are presented and, following Lonergan, responses are made to each problem under the two headings of Position and Counter-Position. After a brief exposition of the problem, Lonergan's view is put forth as the Position, while differing or opposing views appear as Counter-Positions, a problematic and dialectical approach that mirrors Lonergan's own.


". . . it will give you a solid initial view on what philosophy is all about, and on the ways in which philosophy can, and does, stray and wander. This latter contribution, pointers towards a view on what passes for philosophy in contemporary discussion, is something that Stewart's book succeeds in doing admirably. . . . A central feature of this introductory book is that it is non-pretentious. . . . It offers you a good start." - Philip McShane

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