Interviewing Buddhist Clergy in Fukushima, Japan: Buddhist Clergy's Disaster Relief Efforts from the Nuclear Power Plant Accident

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This books consists of two series of studies conducted by the author on natural disaster relief efforts and the roll of the roll of religious leaders in the United States and Japan. One of the studies focuses on the disaster relief efforts by interviewing Japanese Buddhist monks in Fukashima.


"In this work on cross cultural comparisons of responses to tragedies, Dr. Hirono demonstrates to the reader what those close to him already know: he has a penchant for research design and delivery. In comparing American and Japanese clergy perspectives on responding to tragedy, Dr. Hirono fulfills a need to consider how divergent cultures respond to analogous phenomena. This mixed method design delved deeply into layers of meaning unearthed across oceans and compared for similarity and contrast." Dr. Jeff Thompson, Austin Peay State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jeff D. Thompson


Chapter 1: Role of Religious Leader after Natural Disaster Relief

Chapter 2: Theoretical Framework

Chapter 3: Methods

Chapter 4: Results

Chapter 5: Analysis of Open-ended Questions

Chapter 6: What Happened in Fukushima?

Chapter 7: Theoretical Framework for Disaster Relief in Fukashima

Chapter 8: Results

Chapter 9: Discussion

Chapter 10: Five Years' Later




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