Integration of Philosophy, Politics, and Conservative Islam in the Thought of Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938):the Restoration of Muslim Dignity Against the Tide of Westernization

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Known as the "Spiritual Father" of Pakistan, Muhammad Iqbal lived at multiple human crossroads: of history as British colonial power waned in India, of the human relationship with technology during the crisis of Modernism, and of the awakening of political Islam to its cultural conflict with the West. Iqbal perceived an attack on the human dignity of Muslims due to the world-wide influence of Western culture, specifically through the ubiquitous prescence of British Imperialism. This study represents an inter-disciplinary history of ideas approach to Iqbal's prescription for the restoration of Muslim dignity: The Perfect Man. It discusses Iqbal's contributions to philosophy, poetic art, and how he integrated his conservative Muslim faith with his political ideals.


"Nix has done a great service to reader in the West where Iqbal's life and legacy are virtually unknown. His work shows the importance of multidisciplinary studies, as well as the challenges one faces when trying to accurately synthesize the results of such studies. I highly commend this study to any reader who wants to understand better the life and thought of Muhammad Iqbal and how to utilize the humanities to address common concerns of our won society and culture." -- Timothy J. Demy, U.S. Naval War College

Table of Contents

Commendatory Foreword by Timothy J. Demy

Iqbal in Context: History and Philosophy
Iqbal's Religious Philosophy of the Perfect Man
Iqbal's Perfect Man: A Religious Man of Action
Iqbal as Poet
Iqbal as Politician

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