Impact of Restoration Critical Theory on the Adaptation of Four Shakespearean Comedies

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Many modern commentators discuss the critical doctrines that influenced the alterations of Shakespeare during the Restoration. This work scrutinizes the plays in depth regarding the adapters’ own critical beliefs as shown in their criticism and as manifested in their other plays. It focuses on four adapters: John Dennis, Charles Gildon, William Burnaby, and George Granville. It examines their original plays in tandem with their adaptations to examine their adherence to critical theory. Plays mainly discussed are Measure for Measure; Twelfth Night, The Merchant of Venice, and The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Foreword; Preface; Introduction; the Rules of Art; the Adapters and the Unities; the Adapters and the Refinement of Manners and Morals; the Adapters and Comedy; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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