Ideological Approaches to Shakespeare: The Practice of Theory

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A comprehensive volume of essays covering the varying ideological approaches to Shakespeare's works. Essays focuses on the topics ideology, censorship and theory as academic practice. Other themes present include the Renaissance and teaching Shakespeare to students.

Table of Contents

Part One: Theory and Ideology: "Shakespeare Studies and the Current `Crisis' in the Humanities" (The 1989 Annual Folger Shakespeare Lecture) by Jonathan Dollimore; "The Father and the Bride in Shakespeare" (revised) by Lynda E. Boose; "The Cultural Materialist Attack on Artistic Unity and the Problem of Ideological Criticism" by Richard Levin; and "Imagination and Ideology in Shakespeare: The Case of Macbeth" by Arthur Kinney.

Part Two: Theory as Academic Practice: "Recovering Suppressed Oral Women's Narratives: Old Wives' Tales in The Winter's Tale" by Mary Ellen Lamb; "Ideological Contradiction and the Creation of Self in Shakespearean Tragedy" by Paul Yachnin; "The Construction of `Renaissance-icity' in the Modern Institution" by Craig Dionne; "Shakespearean Textual Ideology" by William Proctor Williams; "Challenging the Fable: The Power of Ideology in Othello" by Dagny Boebel; "Feminist Criticisms and Macbeth: A Fundamental Question"; "All's Well in Love and War" by Mary Kay Stanton; "Cressida and the Renaissance `Marketplace' _ The Role of Binarism and Amphibology in Shakespeare's Articulation of the Troy Legend" by Karen Bjelland; and "Sovereignty and Intelligence in King Lear" by John Archer.
Part Three: Censorship and Teaching Practice: "Shaping the Text: The Politics of Censorship" by Robert P. Merrix; "Issues in Censorship" by Herbert Coursen; "Censorship and the Teaching of Shakespeare" by Sharon Beehler; "The Neutering of Romeo and Juliet" by James Andreas; "Persona as Pedagogy: Engaging Students in Shakespeare" by Rebecca E. Burnett; "Shakespeare for Life: Teaching Shakespeare in General Education Courses to the Non-Traditional Student" by Margaret H. Hartshorn; and "Defining Shakespearean Sonnets through Acting Vocabulary" by Ann Klautsch.

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