Hungering as Symbolic Language

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This text provides a new framework for examining the relationship between voluntary hunger as an emotion and the written voice.


“Pascual Soler writes in a lucid manner about complex ideas and presents a sophisticated analysis solidly grounded in relevant academic literature….[She] treats effectively an original idea about a topic that is of great interest to scholars in anthropology, literature, psychology, cultural studies, and gender studies.” – Prof. Carole Counihan, Millersville University

“…[The author] presents a completely different way of analysing this phenomenon by releasing hunger from the only physical aspects and focusing on a new definition of it.” – Prof. Beatrice Morandi, Universita Delgi Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche

“…a novel study of hunger and hungry persons as a new form of cultural and emotional intensity….the connection between hungering and writing, the materialization in words of the hunger experience becomes the mechanism for a cultural and human analysis.” – Dr. Luis Gomez Cansenco, Universidad de Huelva

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Meredith Abarca
Introduction: Affect Hunger
Theories of Affect
The Epidemic Intention of Nothingness
The Language of Hunger
1. In the Skin of Hunger
L`écriture Faim-inine
You Are What You Eat Not
2. Secrecy
Transmission and Responsibility: I Would Hunger for You
Humanitarian Love
The Bare Bones of Poverty
3. The Hungry Road
Mourning and Melancholy Foods
Marcel Proust’s Madeleine
Eating Metaphors
Obesity and Simulation
Case Studies: Cristina Garcia’s Dreaming in Cuban
4. Hunger Time
The Spectacle of Disappearing: From Art to Entertainment
Zombies and Transvestites
Fasting for Fun: Franz Kafka
Occupied with Hunger: David Blaine and Farce
The Hobby of Hunger: Michael Krasnow and Comedy
5. The Architecture of Hunger
The Impulse for Emptiness
The Folded Body
Lego Pieces
Horror of Fullness
Epilogue: The Divided Self

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