Hungarian Protestant Reformation in the Sixteenth Century Under the Ottoman Impact Essays and Profiles

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This is a first source book in English on aspects of the Hungarian Reformation. A selection of essays and profiles of dominant Reformers in the sixteenth century, it is more than a history of dogmatic controversies. The Hungarian Reformation was influenced and complicated by the impact of Eastern Orthodoxy and the threat of Islam.


"The Hungarian Reformed Church as well as the English reading academic community is indebted to Professor Sandor Unghvary for this book filling many gaps." - Church History

". . . this work is a thorough and carefully researched study." - Reformed Review

"Unghváry's book contributes to the knowledge of East Central Europe and gives some explanation for the spread of Protestantism in this regions, as well as for the failure of the Counter Reformation in large areas of Hungary. He sets the religious struggle in the context of the struggle between the Habsburg and the Ottoman empire and emphasizes the political and social role of the Reformers, particularly the Calvinists." - The Sixteenth Century Journal

"In this unique collection of original essays, researched and refined over decades of serving Hungarian Reformed congregations and teaching at various colleges and universitites, Dr. Unghvary assists us in understanding the Protestant ethos of sixteenth-

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