How and Why Black Women are Elected to Political Office

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While a small but growing number of empirical studies have been conducted and reported on Black women as leaders, most of which is focused on Black women in the professions, relatively few examine the leadership development experiences of the Black American woman who assumes elected office.


"Mims offers a wonderful treasure: the narratives of every day Black women political leaders who are making a difference in their state, county, and city governments.” – Prof. Dr. Juanita Johnson-Bailey, The University of Georgia

“The book is both enjoyable and important, filling a gap in the literature on Black women’s leadership development. Thus the work will assist adult educators improve leadership training to better prepare women for leadership roles, and will assist researchers to understand the theoretical and empirical factors affecting Black women’s leadership.” – Prof. Leora S. Waldner, Troy University

“This work brings to light the voices and stories of women who courageously work to serve their communities, a group women who, historically have been relegated to the margins of society and its institutions, including politics.” – Prof. Nichole M. Ray, University of Georgia

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Juanita Johnson-Bailey




I. Black Women’s Leadership Re-examined

II. Research Design

III. The Narratives of Nine Black Female Political Leaders

IV. Understanding Black Women’s Political Leadership

V. Black Women’s Leadership: Common Features and Cultural Legacy

Closing Reflections


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