How We Speak Shapes How We Learn: A Linguistic and Psychological Theory of Education

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This book examines language not as an instrument or a device to conduct daily transactions but as a mode of living and being. Each chapter addresses some of the major educational and pedagogical issues and deconstructs their implicitly embedded assumptions.


“In his wise and provocative scholarship, Dr. Fatemi reminds us that we must constantly be vigilant in remaining open to the mysteries of language. We must not let conventions and formulae choke the wonder out of language. We need to remain always open to being astonished by language. We can never tame or domesticate language. We must learn to celebrate its wildness. Therefore, we must always live with the spirit of poets and poetry. Language is alive and lively, vital for living vibrantly and vivaciously in the world.”
– Dr. Carl Leggo,
University of British Columbia

“. . . contends that language has a higher calling than mere communication — it is nothing less than an art of living, a way of being, that orients the smallest conversation to the most fierce of battles.
< – Prof. Brian David Ho

“[The book’s] strength lies in the compelling narrative that the author provides as he alternates between reflective writing and providing the reader with practical examples of concepts he highlights in the text.”
– Prof. Pierre Wilhelm,
Athabasca University

Table of Contents

Preface by Dr. Carl Leggo
1. Questioning the Mastery of Signs/Celebrating the Mystery of Symbols
2. Creational Capabilities of Language (Language Implications for Our Narratives)
3. Fighting for ‘Otherwise’ (Mindfulness, Creativity and Language Education)
4. Authorial Recognition
5. In Search of a Model Reading as Swimming
6. Language as Discourse
7. New Ways of Being in the World

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