How Universities and Corporations Handicap People From Middle and Low-Income Families in Gaining Access to Executive, Political, and High Income Positions: The Exclusionary Games

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Demonstrates that there has developed in America a number of systems that make it difficult for people from middle and low-income families to move ahead socioeconomically. It recommends that when considering students for admission, colleges that are selective should use the likelihood of graduation as their standard for admission.


“The subject of students from lower economic families facing roadblocks, especially in higher education, in their attempts to improve their situation was of great interest to the author.”
-Dr. Mott R. Linn, Jr.,
Clark University

“Dr. Linn speaks for many in the admissions and financial aid community with his criticism of the way most colleges admit students and distribute financial aid…This book gives the reader a thorough understanding of those systems that discriminate against students from middle and low-income families.”
-Dr. Paul Kerstetter,
Former Registrar, Philadelphia University

“The scope and insights of the admissions and financial aid processes in higher education made by Dr. Linn should make this book a must read for all university presidents, admissions personnel, faculty, administrators, and trustees. The extensive research and many examples add a great deal of value to the study.”
-Dr. Gerald L. Marvin, Jr.
Professor Emeritus, Philadelphia University

“This bold and provocative work examines how thousands of universities and businesses have arguably ‘created systems that are handicapping people from modest income families”…This scholarly work argues that universities need to find ‘predictors that can better foretell who will become corporate, educational, social, and political leaders….it invites many responses and further research into the issue.”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mott R. Linn Jr.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Family Income and Higher Education
Section 1- Purging Games
Chapter 3: The Good News
Chapter 4: Selecting a Wrong Standard for College Admissions
Chapter 5: Divides
Chapter 6: Prejudices
Chapter 7: Their Plans to Cripple Intercollegiate Sports
Section 2-Purging Universities
Chapter 8; Legends
Chapter 9: Faux Need Base Financial Aid
Chapter 10: Value Added to Students Lives
Chapter 11: Thumb on the Scale
Section 3- Purging Corporations
Chapter 12: There is More to Performance Than College Degrees
Chapter 13: Conclusions

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