How Second Generation Immigrant Writers Have Transformed Swiss and German Language Literature: A Study of Sensorial Narratives by Authors Writing From the Swiss ‘secondo-Space’

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Nominated for the 2012 German Studies Association Book Prize
This study examines the changing literary discourse in German-speaking Switzerland as second generation immigrant authors write compelling narratives and are awarded prestigious literary prizes in Europe.


“What sets [the author’s] study of Secondo literature apart from other treatments of this topic is her inclusion of extensive research by social scientists, statistical information on migration, and personal interviews with writers, as well as traditional literary scholarship.”-Prof. Annette Kym, Ret., Hunter college, CUNY

“There simply isn’t any such comprehensive overview yet available of the group of writers she identifies. That alone makes her study a valuable contribution to scholarship on migration issues and their literary manifestations in the Swiss context.”-Prof. Hans J. Rindisbacher, Pomona College

‘…provides a more complete model of social and cultural integration drawing on the insights of postcolonial and transnational studies, social theories, cultural anthropology and social history of migration.”-Prof. Charlotte Schallié, University of Victoria

Table of Contents




Chapter 1
Historical and Social Framework of Immigrant Writing in Germany and Austria after World War II
Chapter 1.1: West Germany
Chapter 1.2: East Germany
Chapter 1.3: Austria

Chapter 2
Migration and Naturalization in Switzerland

Chapter 3
Definition of Secondas and Secondos in Switzerland

Chapter 4
The Socialization and Identity of the Second Generation and Living in the “Secondo Space”

Chapter 5
Migration and the Transformation of German Swiss Literature

Chapter 6
21th Century Seconda and Secondo Writers in German-Speaking Switzerland
Chapter 6.1: Franco Micieli
Chapter 6.2: Vincenzo Todisco
Chapter 6.3: Franco Supino
Chapter 6.4: Giuseppe Gracia
Chapter 6.5: Silvano Cerutti
Chapter 6.6: Sina Merino
Chapter 6.7: Sunil Mann
Chapter 6.8: Perikles Monioudis
Chapter 6.9: Catalin Dorian Florescu
Chapter 6.10: Martin R. Dean
Chapter 6.11: Dante Andrea Franzetti
Chapter 6.12: Ilma Rakusa
Chapter 6.13: Melinda Nadj Abonji
Chapter 6.14: Amor Ben Hamida
Chapter 6.15: Sabine Wen-Ching Wang
Chapter 6.16: Other Seconda and Secondo Writers

Chapter 7
Transcultural Embodiment of the Senses and Sensorial Narratives in Secondo-Literature Chapter 7.1: Sensorial Tropes and Paradigms
Chapter 7.2: Moving into Spaces
Chapter 7.3: Feeling Locations
Chapter 7.4: Hearing Voices
Chapter 7.5: Seeing Images
Chapter 7.6: Smelling Love and Odium
Chapter 7.7: Tasting Culture
Chapter 7.8: Touching Lives

Chapter 8
On Language

Chapter 9
On Identity

Chapter 10
Toward a Transcultural Literature
Chapter 10.1: A Brief Comparative Look on Second Generation Literature in the USA
Chapter 10.2: The Transformation of German Swiss Literature



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