How Reading Literature Helps Students to Integrate Their School Curriculum

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This study examines and offers examples of the implementation of interdisciplinary teaching and the integration of curriculum. Such integrated approaches promise a more relevant curriculum and more meaningful learning. This book is concerned with early secondary education and proposes that literature can serve as the center for such curriculum integration.


James Etim’s book offers an interesting doorway into curriculum integration for middle school educators. It is a significant doorway that is very appropriate for the times. ... This book can act as an introduction to teachers who are new to curriculum integration.” - Dr. Susan M. Drake, Professor of Education, Brock University

“Although a number of books exist on curriculum integration, this book takes the unique approach of focusing on using literature as a critical organizational component of designing integrated instructional units.” - Dr. MaryAnn Davies, Professor of Education, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, Watson School of Education

“... given the increasing number of educators who will enter the profession laterally, i.e., with limited emphasis on instructional pedagogy and the integration of technology, this work will become a very valuable resource. It will not only provide specific examples, but also provide a template that can be used for the construction of various instructional units. This work is a valuable resource for teacher education and staff development.” - Dr. Edwin D. Bell, Professor of Education, Winston Salem State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Susan M. Drake, Ph.D.
1 Curriculum Integration, Literature and Meaningful Learning
2 Self-Understanding: Your Roots, My Roots
3 Rivalry: Living in Families, With Nature and as Members of Society
4 Transitions and Transformations
5 Cultural Conflicts
6 Man’s Inhumanity, Man’s Hope
7 Freedom and Justice
8 Natural Disasters: The Dust Bowl
Index - Names
Index - Subject

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