How Immigrant Christians Living in Mixed Cultures Interpret Their Religion

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This study is the first to examine the significance of diasporic hybridity for hermeneutics and the question of Christian identity among Asian American immigrants.


“The author…clearly guides his readers through the major intricacies of these Asian-American journeys…. [He] has provided the educational world of North America with a major synthesis of the key issues in postcolonial theories of hybridity, diaspora, and culture.” – Prof. Kenan B. Osborne, The Graduate Theological Union and The Franciscan School of Theology

“Future discussions on Asian-American Christian theologies will have to refer to this work as a benchmark.” – Prof. Peter C. Phan, Georgetown University

"Beginning by mapping the conceptual frameworks, Kato introduces the postcolonial theory of hybridity, diaspora and culture, while also delineating Asian American experiences ranging from immigration history, race and diaspora identity to Asian American theologies. ... This book is an important addition to the scholarly field." -- Prof. HyeRan Kim-Cragg, St. Andrew's College, Saskatoon

Table of Contents

Introduction: Background, Scope and Arguments of this Study

PART I: Conceptual Frameworks & Contexts

Chapter One: Conceptual Frameworks for this Study: Hybridity, diaspora, culture and their implications for hermeneutics

Chapter Two: On Asian Americans and Diasporic Hybridity: the Asian American version of diaspora and hybridity

PART II: In Conversation with Asian American Theological Voices

Chapter Three: A Brief Hermeneutical and Procedural Intermezzo

Chapter Four: From “the Cross in the Lotus World” to “In-Between/In-Both”: conversations with C.S. Song and Jung Young Lee

Chapter Five: Betwixt-and-Between, Holy Insecurity, and Interstitial Integrity: Expanding the hermeneutical picture with insights from Peter Phan, Fumitaka Matsuoka, and Rita Nakashima Brock

PART III: Interpreting from This Asian American Diasporic and Hybrid Place
Chapter Six: In Search of Heuristic Aids Liberation Theologies and David Tracy’s Hermeneutics as Heuristic Aids to Describe Asian American Hermeneutics

Chapter Seven: The Shape of Asian American Hermeneutics: Key elements that comprise a process of hermeneutics rooted in the Asian American experience of diasporic hybridity

Chapter Eight: Actual Hermeneutical Conversations: Asian Christianity as betwixt and between worlds and the canon’s hybrid identity


On Hybridizing Christian Identity

Conversations between Hybrid Children and their Monocultural Parents

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