How Dwarfs Experience the World Around Them

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Offers an unprecedented view into the everyday geographies of people with dwarfism. From the practical aspects of mobility and public accessibility to the intricacies of family and private spaces, the author examines the ways in which the geographies of dwarfism are similar to and differ from those of other disabilities.


“Through an in-depth and intimate look at those bodies classified as ‘dwarves’, Dr. Kruse provides remarkable insights into the dialectics of self and space, of how people interact in, negotiate, and produce spaces. ... And in the process, Dr. Robert Kruse confirms his reputation as a leading scholar in the fields of cultural studies and social geography.” - Dr. James A. Tyner, Professor of Geography, Kent State University

“Once in a while, a book comes along which unsettles and changes the way we view our own and others’ places in the world. Robert Kruse’s How Dwarfs Experience the World around Them: The Personal Geographies of a “Disabled” People, the first major geographic study of the lives and life spaces of people of extremely short stature, is exactly such a book.” - Dr. Vera Chouinard, Professor of Geography, McMaster University

Table of Contents

Preface by Dr. James A. Tyner
1 Placing Dwarfism in Social Geographies
2 Accessing the World of Dwarfism in Cyberspace
3 Talking with Little Women
4 Being with Little People in the Spaces of Everyday Life
5 Geographies of Parenting and Family
6 LPA and the (Re)Placement of Little People in Pop Culture
7 Considering Geographies of Dwarfism

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