History of the Research Into Methods for Selecting and Classifying U.S. Army Personnel 1917-2011

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The authors attempt extensive quantitative research into the recruitment and classification practices used by the United States Army over the course of the last century. They analyze which techniques are successful in retaining qualified soldiers, and compare conscription to volunteer armies to see which is more cost effective. The study ranges from the Revolutionary War all the way until the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.


“This effort provides important, accessible documentation of selection and classification research – not only in the army, but in the field of psychology.”

Dr. Jane M. Arabian,
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

“This book makes a highly valuable contribution, providing the first comprehensive and definitive historical account of selection and classification practices.”

Prof. Lawrence J. Stricker,
New York University

“The research in selection and classification described in this volume shows its continued successful application to significant personnel issues.”

Prof. Zita M. Simutis,
US Army Research Institute

Table of Contents

Foreword by Zita M. Simutis

1. Putting it Into Perspective

2. Army Selection and Classification Today

3. Growing an Army

4. Selection and Classification in World War I: Personnel Psychologists Lend a Hand

5. World War II – Building on Experience

6. 1946-1973 – A Stable Situation In Army Selection and Classification

7. Moving to the All-Volunteer Force 1973-1982

8. Project One of a Kind

9. Army Competency Testing: Skill Qualification Tests

10. Classification Research

11. Selecting Army Officers

12. History of Selection and Classification of Army Special Operation Forces

13. The Selection and Classification of Army Aviators

14. Perspectives on the Past and Looking to the Future

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