History of the Commedia Dell'arte in Modern Hispanic Literature with Special Attention to the Work of Garcia Lorca

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This volume examines the commedia dell'arte as it formed a key element in the work of well-known writers such as Valle-Inclán and García Lorca, as well as that of many other poets, playwrights and dramatic theorists in 19th and 20th-century Hispanic literature. It analyses thematically the development of the commedia, its links with other theatrical and paratheatrical forms such as pantomime, circus and carnival. The book contains original analyses of familiar as well as less well-known Hispanic texts, and will be of interest to specialists in Hispanic literature. In addition, students of theatre history will have for the first time a Hispanic dimension to commedia studies. The reader's understanding will be enhanced by the inclusion of original translations of the quotations from the Hispanic texts studied.

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