History of the 134th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War

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The NYSV was one of the few regiments to serve in both the eastern and western theatres of the war. It also had the misfortune to be, for a good deal of its tenure, attached to the ill-fated Eleventh Corps. Highlights of the regiment's service were its near-annihilation at Gettysburg; action around Chattanooga; the brutal march to and from Knoxville; its almost daily action during the Atlanta Campaign, followed by the March to the Sea; and the Campaign of the Carolinas. It contains excerpts from primary source documents, including diaries, memoirs, letters, local newspapers, Company order books, and medical records from the National Archives never before researched, capsule biographies of all 1100 who served, maps and statistical data, and photographs.


"Cosgrove goes beyond strategy and statistics. He helps us feel what war is like from the perspective of the soldiers of the 134th. We read about sickness, desertion, accidental shootings, and the constant bartering with 'Johnny Reb' - coffee for tobacco. The author makes use of heretofore unexamined primary sources of this regiment. He cogently analyzes these sources but does so in a way that introduces the reader to the lives of many of the men. Cosgrove fills in a missing piece of Civil War history from a regiment that fought in many of its major battles." - Robert G. Duffett

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
List of Maps and Illustrations
Preface & Acknowledgments
BIRTH OF A REGIMENT: Organization - Recruitment - Rendezvous at Schoharie Fairgrounds - Joining the XI Corps and the Army of the Potomac at Arlington Heights - Training - Disease
RUDE AWAKENING: Poor condition of Ordinance - Thoroughfare Gap Reconnaissance - Fredericksburg - Mud March - Wintering on the Rappahannock and Aquia Creek - Officer discontent and resignations - Disease - Desertions - Disabilities - Improved Ordnance
EDGE OF DISASTER: March to Chancellorsville - XI Crops flanked - Marching out of action - Lost and isolated - Rejoining the Corps - Prejudice against the German soldier - Morale
SHOOT-OUT ON STEVEN'S RUN: Refitting - March to Gettysburg - Facing the enemy - Near annihilation on Steven's Run - Regroup on Cemetery Hill - Shelling - Skeletal regiment
THE WEST BECKONS: Chasing the Army of Northern Virginia - Reputation of the XI Corps - Alexandria - Causes of desertions - Transfer to Chattanooga and the Army of the Cumberland - Bridgeport, AL
ONLY THEIR FEET WERE BLOODIED: March to Chattanooga - Cracker line - Mission Ridge - March to Knoxville - Wintering in Lookout Valley
ASSAULT ON ROCKY FACE RIDGE: XX Corps - Opening fire in the Atlanta Campaign - Assaults on Rocky Face Ridge - Casualties
COUNTERSTRIKE AT PEACHTREE CREEK: Atlanta Campaign continued - Resaca - New Hope Church - Pine Mountain - Mud Creek (near Lost Mountain) - Kenesaw Mountain - Peachtree Creek - Atlanta
THREE HUNDRED MILES TO SALT WATER: Casualties - Occupation of Atlanta - March to the Sea - Foraging - Destruction - Hutchinson Island
FOLLOWING THE NORTH STAR: Occupation of Savannah - Campaign of the Carolinas - Foraging - Destruction - Victory - March to Washington
THE GRAND REVIEW: Crowd reaction - Discharge - Home Aftermath
Appendix: A Sketch of Prison Life by Andrew Kelly
Charts and Statistics:
Regimental Chart; Battle Statistics; Returns for 1862-1865; Ages at Time of Enlistment; Casualties at Gettysburg; Captured Men Illegally Paroled at Gettysburg; Soldiers Captured at Gettysburg and Imprisoned; Casualties at Mission Ridge; Casualties at Rocky Face Ridge: Casualties at Resaca; Casualties at New Hope Church; Casualties at Pine Mountain; Casualties at Mud Creek; Casualties at Kenesaw Mountain; Casualties at Peachtree Creek; Casualties at Siege of Atlanta; Casualties at Siege of Savannah; Miscellaneous Casualties; Non-Battle Capture; Died from Disease.
Bibliography and Indices

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