History of Education in Cameroon, 1844-2004

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This book focuses on the process of and the underlying motivation/philosophy for the provision of schools and the expansion of education in Cameroon. It offers an examination of the role of missionary agencies, successive colonial and national governments and private agencies (confessional and lay) in the establishment of schools within the context of social, economic, cultural and political obligations. Cameroon, like many African nations, can trace the origin of its formal education to evangelization and imperialism, both of which have greatly influenced the development, structure and content of its educational system. This book traces the evolution, expansion and changing provisions of this system through the various stages of the country’s history, addressing policy issues, national developmental perspectives, and international constraints.


“This work represents an indispensable reference document for the country’s educational system and is addressed to all those concerned with the effects of educational change on the development of society. Reading through the book, one easily captures the scholastic advancement of Cameroon. It reveals a country that is today awake with dynamism and ready to make a powerful future based on education.” – Professor Amin M. Efuetngu, Commonwealth Chair for Education Research, Measurement and Evaluation, Makerere University, Uganda

“This is indeed a major pioneering effort in the documentation of events and circumstances that led to the birth of a national system of education in Cameroon. The work is particularly valuable in this era of globalization ... the need to reflect on past educational activities in order to provide us with a new vision of our educational prospects for the future has become imperative.” – Dr. T. M. Tchombe, Professor of Education and Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Buea, Cameroon

“This work is indeed an asset for anyone interested in the evolution of formal western education in Cameroon as it explores the process of change and the underlying trends, taking into consideration the various stages in the cultural and political development of the country.” – Dr. E.S.D. Fomin, Department of History, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon

Table of Contents

List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations
General Introduction
1 Contextual Issues
2 The Foundation of Education in Africa
3 Initial Educational Ventures: Missionary Activities
4 The German Administration (1884-1914)
5 French Administration (1916-1960)
6 The British Administration (1914-1961)
7 The Federal Republic of Cameroon (1960-1972)
8 The United Republic of Cameroon (1972-1984)
9 The Republic of Cameroon (1984-2004)
10 The Current State of Education – An Appraisal (2004)
11 Some Landmarks and Policy Issues
12 Challenges and Perspectives
General Conclusion

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