History and Future of the Dunn and Dunn Learning-Style Model: Assessing an Innovative Educational Strategy

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Examines the discrepancy between the Dunn and Dunn Learning-Style Model’s quantifiable success and its level of acceptance in educational practice. This book contains four black and white photographs and one color photograph.


“. . . insightfully and systematically analyzes what is unique about the Dunn and Dunn Model that allows it to flourish and continue to impact classrooms across the United States and internationally . . .” – Prof. Andrea Honigsfeld, Molloy College

“. . . an essential revelation to how the Dunn and Dunn Model became, and continues to be, a crucial cornerstone of education reform . . .” - Prof. Laura Shea Doolan, Molloy College

“. . . brings together both the scholarly and practical experiences into a single set of reflections and strategies.” - Prof. Karen Burke, Western Connecticut State University

Table of Contents

List of Figures
List of Tables
Foreword by Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld
1. Introduction
2. Review of the Related Literature
3. Methods and Procedures
4. Findings
5. Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations
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