Historical Argument for the Resurrection of Jesus During the Deist Controversy

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A study of apologetical arguments of anti-Deist thinkers, tracing a series from Vives' De veritate fidei christianae (1543) to Paley's Evidences of Christianity (1794).


". . . a lucid account (Part 2) of the decline of this historical [evidentialist] apologetic brought about by the emergence of biblical criticism . . . . It is a tribute to Craig's even-handedness that the opposition also gains respect." - Journal of Theological Studies (Oxford)

". . . a convincing . . . picture of a growing interest in historical argumentation brought on first by humanism and then by the attempt to deal with historical criticism." - Church History

". . . will prove useful to historians of Christian thought." - The Journal of Religion

"I recommend this book for those careful students of apologetics who are interested in the subject of Jesus' resurrection and who wish to pursue some of the history of the argumentation surrounding it. . . . Finally, the more than 1300 endnotes provide bo

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