Hiroshima Testament

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"The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum believes Hiroshima Testament will convey the tragedy of atomic bombing and contribute to the abolition of nuclear weapons and the realization of lasting world peace." - Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima, Japan "Examines the consequences of scientific hubris against the background of the destruction wrought at Hiroshima . . . at once a lament for the dead and a plea for humility and understanding among the living." - Marilyn Bowden, poet, author, critic

"Hiroshima Testament possesses strong imagery and a fine sense of sound; the use of refrains seems quite effective. The global vision of the poem demonstrates a great sensitivity to the religious traditions of the East and a painful awareness of the centrality of the bombing of Hiroshima for the history of the twentieth century." - Cedric R. Winslow, Chair, Dept of English, Iona College "In Hiroshima, as in all his published work, Hartkorn has proved his worth as a poet and produced what must be a lasting memorial, touching the heart and moving the mind." - Frank S. FitzGerald-Bush, poet, historian

"This sequence of poems is a heartfelt testament to man's inhumanity. It movingly reminds us of, not only that horror but of many others that go on and on. Another 'shoulder to the wheel' 'lest we forget, lest we forget'." - Bradley R. Strahan, Professor of Poetry, Georgetown University, poetry editor of Visions International "The combination of poetic forms enhances the entire work; one is caught up in the meaning of this event and reminded that we must not let history repeat itself. This is a poet who displays intelligence, sensitivity and an understanding of history." - Jean Hull Herman, Editor, Mobius

"In Hiroshima Testament Albert Hartkorn (aka John Williams) once again proves himself to be a writer of the deepest commitment and concern for the way we live. the 'Hiroshima' passages are particularly effective in evoking the fragility of our natural world and the curse of nuclear fire. Heartfelt and original work." - Les Standiford, novelist, Director of Creative Writing Masters Program at Florida International University

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