Herman Dooyeweerd and Eric Voegelin: A Comparative Study

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This study provides an introduction to two of the twentieth century’s most significant philosophers, Herman Dooyeweerd and Eric Voegelin. Dooyeweerd and Voegelin provided a new, deeper understanding of history and philosophy. They were early interpreters of the crisis of modern humanism, exposing its contradictions and uncovering its fundamental, spiritual problems. They both re-described philosophy itself as depending upon something deeper than human autonomy.


"There are relatively few people who have studied both Dooyeweerd and Voegelin and even fewer who have written about them in a comparative fashion. This book is, in that regard, unique … Not everyone is called to the study of philosophy or to other kinds of theoretical thought, but for those who do pursue that calling, Dooyeweerd and Voegelin should not be missed.” – Dr. James W. Skillen (Ph.D., Duke University), President of the Center for Public Justice, Annapolis, Maryland

“This book can help us get clear distinction between the profoundly non-biblical religious character of today’s dominant ideological commitments and a worldview truly shaped by the Christian gospel. We are thus able to see the difference between the tyranny of modern ideologies and the freedom of a truly Christian worldview.” – Dr. Jerry S. Herbert, Director of the American Studies Program, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

Table of Contents

I. A Christian and a Classical Philosopher
II. The Common Ground
III. The Divergent Ground
IV. Biographical Sketch
1. A New Critique of Theoretical Thought
2. The Three Dualistic Ground Motives of Western Civilization
3. The Problem of Modernity – Gnosticism
4. The New Science of Politics
5. An Analysis of Dooyeweerd’s and Voegelin’s Philosophies

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