Herbert Butterfield- Essays on the History of Science

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This collection of essays presents Herbert Butterfield's insights into and ideas concerning the history of science. The introduction analyzes the central ideas and themes running through the essays.


From the Introduction:

"Shortly after the appearance of the first edition of this volume, I came across an expanded version, in manuscript, of the essay forming chapter seven, “Renaissance Art and Modern Science.” Comprising nearly thirteen additional pages, this newly discovered text vitally amplifies and elaborates Butterfield’s ideas on the connection between artistic creativity and science in its formative stage and as such is incorporated in the present reprint edition. The introduction has also been substantially modified and enlarged and further amplifying notes have been added throughout the text."

Table of Contents

Preface to Second Edition
Introduction - Herbert Butterfield: Historian of Science
I. The History of Science and the Study of History
II. Science and History
III. The Importance of the History of Science
IV. The Historian and the History of Science< V. Place of the Scientific Revolution in the History of Thought; VI. The Scientific Revolution; VII. Renaissance Art and Modern Science; Index

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