Half Century of Religious Dialogue: 1939-1989Making the Circles Larger

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A 50th-anniversary volume commemorating the First World Conference on Christian Youth. Contributors include: Franklin H. Littell, R. H. Espy, Stewart Herman, Francis House, T. J. and Virginia Liggett, Luis Odell, David S. Russell, Oliver M. Tomkins, Raymond M. Veh, Robert S. Bilheimer, Olle Dahlen, Gerald Hutchinson, Blahoslav Hruby, Chester Arthur Kirkendoll, Phillips P. Moulton, Herman Will, David Burgess, Edward Nestingen, and Edward Ouellette.


"The variety of essays it contains will be invaluable resources to anyone tracing the course of the ecumenical movement or looking forward to the future of youth ministry or ecumenism in the church. . . . the collection will be a necessary complement to any ecumenical research on the early days of the institutional ecumenical movement. . . . In addition to the data on the ecumenical and interfaith movements, the essays provide personal reflections that can give insight into the spirituality that energizes the ecumenical movement." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

"This is a collection of essays by those who have been there, i.e., those who have actively participated in the ecumenical movement during the turbulent years of 1939-1989. . . . they are characterized by passion rather then detachment. . . . Those who are proponents of the ecumenical movement, and those who may question it, can read this volume of essays with appreciation." - Missiology

" . . . Littell has corralled an impressive group of alumni . . . . Many of the essays discuss dreams deferred, visions blurred, enterprises compromised. Yet most of them express the sense that it has all been and is worthwhile, and that there are reasons for investing hope." - The Christian Century

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