Grace of God in Jewish Tradition

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"This well-researched and extensively detailed book, filled with references to a rich variety of sources within Jewish tradition, will provide its readers with a healthy perspective on Judaism's own version of `grace.' As an interfaith tool, this book will be an invaluable addition to the cause of "understanding through education"." - Lewis Eisenberg

"Deeply rooted in the Lutheran tradition and trained in the Hebrew Bible, Hanson has taken taken a sympathetic look at the question of God in Jewish religion and explores its relevance to Christianity today. . . . examines the Jewish liturgical cycle, the highpoints of Jewish history, and leading thinkers who have had a seminal influence on modern Judaism and Christianity, Buber and Heschel. . . . This handy little book sounds a welcome call to all who would labor to bring about closer Jewish and Christian ties. It is especially helpful in articulating a common theological discourse." - Eric M. Myers

"His work is rooted in careful scholarship and in a passionate concern that Christians and Jews should come to a deeper appreciation for each other . . . " - Dr. A. Joseph Everson

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