Globalization of Shakespeare in the Nineteenth Century

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These essays show how Shakespeare as a cultural commodity was imported, appropriated, and exploited in countries around the world in the 19th century. The studies cover not only Great Britain, the USA, and Germany, but also Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and Japan. Essays are grouped by the type of appropriation they emphasize: translations and adaptations, performances and theater, scholarship and criticism, or inspirations for visual arts and creative writing. With illustrations.


“... the essay in this unique collection survey the role of Shakespeare played in nineteenth-century social, political, and cultural life and offer new insights to the network of foreign texts and troupes that crossed the globe in an era of slow travel when English was still an uncommon language. The contributors, themselves scholars of diverse national backgrounds, have studied the theatrical documents of their home countries to consider how Shakespeare was imported, appropriated, and exploited to advance their most compelling aspirations, whether for cultural autonomy, political freedom, economic modernization, or creative endeavor.” – Frances K. Barasch, Professor Emerita, Baruch College, CUNY

“... a dynamic collection of essays that dramatizes the implication of Shakespeare in the characteristic modes of nineteenth-century cultural production ... the essays range widely methodologically as well as geographically….an informative and suggestive volume that at once nods to the various studies of Shakespeare’s influence in a range of ‘national’ cultures, and implies a different necessity, the ongoing need to frame the work of Shakespearean drama and theater in the distinctive terms of nineteenth-century international culture.” – W. B. Worthen, University of California, Berkeley

"a useful and exemplary volume" - Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen

Table of Contents

Foreword (Peter Holland)
Introduction (Krystyna Kujawi?ska Courtney, University of Lódz, Poland, and John M. Mercer, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma, United States)
Part I: Translations and Adaptations
1. Shakespeare as a Cultural Weapon: Aspects of Shakespeare Appropriation in Nineteenth-Century Flanders (Jozef De Vos, Ghent University, Belgium)
2. Reverent Readings: Nineteenth-Century Shakespeare Translations in Romania (Monica Matei-Chesnoiu, University of ‘Ovidius’ Constanta, Romania)
3. Mediated Bardolatry: Two Paradigms of Shakespeare in Nineteenth-Century Latin America (Maria-Clara Galery, University of Toronto, Canada)
4. The First Two Yiddish Lears (Rhoda Silver Kachuck, University of La Verne, California)
5. Shakespeare in Nineteenth-Century Japan (Yoshiko Kawachi, Kyorin University, Japan)
Part II: Performances and Theatre
6. ‘Contributing Our Half’: Ludwig Tieck’s Shakespeare Productions in Dresden and Berlin, 1820-1843 (Michael Patterson, De Montfort University Leicester, United Kingdom)
7. (Re)Turning to Shakespeare or Imitating the Shakespeare Cult in Hungary?: The Nineteenth Century Theatres of Gábor Egressy and William Charles Macready (Gabriella Reuss, Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary)
8. Ira Aldridge: European Shakespeare Tragedian (Krystyna Kujawi?ska Courtney, University of Lódz, Poland)
9. Breaking Butterflies and Taming Shrews: Hysteria, Acting Styles and Gender Politics in Late Victorian Shakespeare Production (Michael Mangan, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom)
Part III: Scholarly and Critical Approaches
10. In Search of a Mastermind: Georg Brandes’s William Shakespeare (Niels B. Hansen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
11. Shakespeare’s Bohemia/Poland/Lithuania Revisited (Andrzej Weseli?ski, University of Warsaw, Poland)
Part IV: Inspiration for Visual Arts and Creative Writing
12. ‘Speaking Eloquently to the Nineteenth Century’: Physical Images of Shakespeare and His Characters in Victorian St. Louis (John M. Mercer, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma, United States)
13. Boris Godunov: Russian Macbeth or a Chronicle Play? (Mark Sokolyansky, University of Odessa, Ukraine)
14. ‘Like a Woman Rising from a Tomb’: Salomé, Cleopatra and Victorian Egypt (Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, University of Texas at Austin, United States)
15. Fictional Shakespeares in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Werner Habicht, University of Wurzburg, Germany)

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