Giovanni Gentile, The Philosopher of Fascism- Cultural Leadership in Fascist and Anti-Semitic Italy

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An examination and determination of Giovanni Gentile's role - also concerning racism in Italy - would not be complete without considering whatever is attributable to his person but also whatever was involved in the wide cultural activities he was responsible for. Much attention has rightly been paid to Gentile as a philosopher, politician, ideologist and organizer of culture. These activities are an integral part of Gentile's historical, cultural and human profile but also essential to understand and evaluate his individual dimension.


"The author's style is clear and fluid, and she manages to keep her analysis on a rigorously historical focus, calmly and objectively reporting Gentile's ambiguous attitude. He never took up an official position against racist laws even if he was very active in helping Jewish intellectuals and colleagues who needed support and were in difficulties.
The book is aimed at scholars but also people who want to understand the attitude of European Intellectuals during the period of ner-fascism."
Prof. Francesa Rizzo, University of Messina

Table of Contents

Who was Giovanni Gentile?


Chapter 1: The First Signs of Anti-Semitism

Chapter 2: Gentile and the Jewish Refugees

Chapter 3: Judaism and Race in the Enciclopedia Italiana

Chapter 4: Racism and Nazism in the Giornale critico della filosofia italiana

Chapter 5: After the Racist Laws


Index of Persons

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