Gilbert Hitchcock of Nebraska - Wilson's Floor Leader in the Fight for the Versailles Treaty

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"Thomas W. Ryley in his political biography of Gilbert Hitchcock offers a helpful narrative of the issues, agendas and personalities surrounding the failure to ratify the Treaty of Versailles. He brings expert knowledge and a masterful 'feel' for the workings of the Senate. He summarizes the real issues at stake, the political ambitions and conflicts at work, and the personal relationships and disputes that color most political debates. . . easily navigates his description through the minefield of Washingtonian politics. He is an apt observer and supports his analysis with clear logic and primary source material documentation. . . . The book will appeal to both the scholar, seeking nuances, and the general reader, in pursuit of information." - Thomas Karfunkel

". . . presents the reader with a cogent, lucid account of the personalities, institutions, issues and events which acted, reached and interacted within, and without the U S. Congress from about 1912-1935. . . . The book is extensively and meticulously documented; but the author's broad and deep knowledge of politics and the American political process enables him to substantially transcend documentation and narrative and merge factual presentation with analysis and critical insight." - Leonard A. James

". . . a scholarly and fascinating study of the political life of the one individual during the struggle to ratify the Treaty of Versailles who was in the position to determine the outcome. This is more than simply the life and times of Gilbert Hitchcock. Ryley presents a documented portrait of a very crucial period in the political life of this country . . . . The party politics of Nebraska with its ethnic flavor (the state had a large German and Irish population) is discussed in a way that gives the reader a much clearer understanding of the relationship between local politics and national issues. . . . His thorough research substantiates the view, contrary to the prevailing American opinion, that the Treaty of Versailles could have been ratified by the US Senate. The author presents the specific amendments and reservations of members of both political parties and documents that only 14 Republicans were opposed completely to any form of a League of Nations. . . This is history at its best" - Donald A. Doyle

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Preface; The Gentleman from Nebraska; Anti-Administration Democrat; "Lightning Out of a Clear Sky"; A Wartime Senator; The Treaty Comes to Washington; The Man in the Middle; "It Was the Mistake of My Life"; The Elder Statesman; Endnotes; Bibliography & Index.

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